✨My 2020✨

During the last couple of years, I’ve tried to film this video but then something happens around March/April that makes me want to quit.

This year was no different. When the pandemic hit us, the future seemed so uncertain and upsetting. I thought to myself “this video is going to be boring if we’re just staying home.”

But then, I decided to challenge myself.

Even though there would be no fancy vacations, no sporting events or concerts, and no socializing outside of my “pod,” I wanted to find something everyday that brought me joy.

In a strange way, filming this kept me positive throughout the year. It forced me to appreciate the little things each day, usually it was a laugh with my family, my puppy, Owen, our garden, something delicious we were cooking, or something fun we were watching on TV. And now, looking back on this video makes me so happy. It is a collection of moments that made me happy.

So if you wanna see a little bit of my life and the things that brought me joy in 2020, take a little look!

Turn the sound on too to hear our giggles throughout the year!

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