7 Days of Self Care & Learning to Incorporate Self Care in to My Daily Routine

The past two months have been insane!

I started a new job (well, kind of- I was laid off in May and they rehired me!). I turned 23. My aunt had ankle surgery and I became her caretaker. I temporarily moved to SF and I’m currently staying with my aunt, which also coincides with my new job because they hired me back with the intent of me reporting into the SF office when we return to work. So a lot of things are moving! A lot of things are happening! And I’ve barely had a moment to process everything, let alone truly relax and put my time into my hobbies, like writing.

But I want to make more time for myself, or actually I want to learn how to incorporate self care into my busy routine.

I don’t want it to be such a chore or a huge task to implement self care. Self care does not need to an entire night and all-inclusive; it can simply be shaving your legs, a face mask before falling asleep, taking time to give yourself a manicure, doing your complete morning routine (because sometimes, most of the time, I forego makeup or throw my hair in a bun and call it good).

Self care needs to be constant, not a treat. The little things can be self care too.

With that being said, at the beginning of November, I thought I would make it a priority to incorporate self care into my day for the entire month. I set a challenge for myself.

But it became so overwhelming. I was still trying to get my footing at work, I was getting settled at my aunt’s place, and it all was a little too much and took a little too much of my energy, and the thought of one more challenge was exhausting.

So instead, I am starting with a little goal, a baby goal- 7 days of self care. Just one week.

And this feels so much more manageable for me! I’d even consider noticing that one month was overwhelming, lowering my expectations and stopping my self-judgement as self care!! So this very much feels like a win. I already have ideas for the activities I’m going to do and I’m hopeful that this will become a constant in my life, longer than the 7 days, and teach me to weave self care into my average day.

So the first thing I’ve learned with this challenge is that it is okay to feel overwhelmed by the “self care movement.” Feeling pressured to live up to this picture perfect version of self care or mental health- that in itself is not healthy.

Don’t be afraid to lower your self-expectations, set a little baby goal and focus on why your practicing self care in the first place- to be kind to yourself!

Here’s to a new 7-day mini journey! Day 1: a fun manicure using my new favorite polish from Olive & June, which I am in love with. Plus, finally getting back to blogging! Yay for Day 1!

Follow me on Insta to see what the next few days bring! @stronghappyandhopeful

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